this week’ bake – valentine sugar cookies

This week’s bake is Valentine sugar cookies that I made for my office for Valentine’s Day.  I’m giving them a little early since making and decorating them is such a long process, it’s not something I can do in an evening after work.

val1 (1)

This is the same dough recipe I used for the snowflake cookies and the recipe can be found here.  The dough did come out nicer this time and was easier to roll out.

val2 (1)

The Royal Icing was another matter though.  I tried a different recipe this time, which I really did like.  But, it’s really tricky to get the icing at the right consistency to do the outline piping and then another consistency to flood the inside of the cookie.  Obviously, I have not perfected that part, or am even close.  You should not be able to tell the outline from the inside when the cookie dries.

val3 (1)

I finally gave up piping the outside edge and just used the flooding consistency on the cookies and ended up with this result.  The yellow and blue cookies are not outlined.

val4 (1)

I have a lot to learn to perfect this art and should probably take a class somewhere and learn from someone who knows what they are doing.  The online videos make it look much easier than it is.

The good thing is, the cookies taste really nice and I like them better than the snowflake cookies.  I read to let the iced cookies set out for 24 hours to allow the icing to firmly set, which I did this time.  It not only set the icing, but made a much more crisp cookie in the end, which I much prefer over a soft sugar cookie.

Not sure if I’ll raise the white flag of surrender on Royal Icing, or maybe someday give it another try.  But in the meantime, I think I’ll try something else besides sugar cookies.  At least they taste wonderful and I know they will be appreciated by my coworkers regardless of how they look.

val5 (1)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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