this week’s bake – gooey butter cookies

If you’ve ever had “Gooey Butter Cake”, then you know what these cookies will taste like because they are made from the same ingredients and taste equally as good.

The dough for these cookies is really gooey.  I thought maybe it would be less so after chilling the dough, but it wasn’t much better.

ba2 (1)

Be prepared to get your fingers sticky and gooey when rolling the dough into balls.

ba3 (1)

They are a quick bake at 10 -12 minutes, and melt in your mouth quickly too.

ba4 (1)

The recipe makes about 45 cookies, depending on how big you roll the balls.  And at 148 calories per cookie, this whole batch is definitely going to work with me for public consumption.

This recipe came from the blog, “Lil Luna”, and can be found here, where she also offers several other variations of the cookie, that look equally as tasty.



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