a simple love note

This simple corner of my bedroom always reminds me on Valentine’s Day and Easter of the true meaning of love.

lo1 (1)

I found this lovely machine embroidered “LOVE” on a piece of linen, some years back at a yard sale for just a few dollars.  It’s detail is simple, yet exquisite.

lo2 (1)

I found the frame at a flea market for $10, and married together, the two became the perfect couple.

lol3 (1)

It matters not to me, that the frame has chipped and missing parts.  This kind of quiet beauty does not come from mass production or a big-box store . . . but usually with age and an unknown story.

lo4 (1) (1)

Hung together with this ornate cross, they speak the complete and simple message of the Gospel.

lo5 (1)

lo6 (1)

I love the colors of my winter duvet.  The soft beige and golds, combined with touches of pink, always feel so cozy and welcoming to me.

lo7 (1)

I change the duvet to a lighter color for the summer months, but it is the winter bedding, piled high with pillows, that always makes me smile during these cold days and nights.  In my humble opinion, you can never have too many duvets, comforters, blankets, or pillows on a winter bed.

lo8 (1)

Faux flowers, reading material, and photos of your loved ones, are always the perfect combination for a night stand.

lo9 (1)

lo10 (1)

And so to wish you all a love-filled Valentine’s Day, I leave you with this simple love note . . .

lo11 (1)






3 thoughts on “a simple love note

  1. Goodness, the posts on your blog looks like a pro magazine’s (like Good Housekeeping). Great job! Love the decor of this corner entirely. Great finds!

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