keeping busy

What are you doing to keep busy while confined at home, during these trying times? Less than a month ago, I shared a post about projects I was working on while waiting for spring. The stay-at-home situation, plus the continued cold and rainy weather has given me time to keep plugging away on projects. I had already planned these projects, so fortunately, the materials were … Continue reading keeping busy

college football game day

Watching football has a long history for me.  While a kid, living at home, watching the Cleveland Browns every Sunday was what my Dad did.  And while I enjoyed the sound of football in the background, I secretly prayed I’d find a husband that wasn’t obsessed with it.  And I did marry a man who didn’t like football at all.  The ironic part is that … Continue reading college football game day

a new rose garden

There is nothing I love more in a garden than pink flowers – any variety will do.  But there is something about pink roses that just makes my heart sing. This is David Austin’s English shrub rose, “Mary Rose”.  I bought her in early summer not having any idea where I was going to plant her, so she kept me company on the deck where … Continue reading a new rose garden


My dear brother built this bird house for me, and it has been the focal point of the back yard for over 20 years now. Weather, time, and critters have taken a tole on it. There are very few signs of spring here yet, except for the birds that have been checking out the housing facilities in my yard.  I thought I’d better confiscate this … Continue reading rebuilding