pea salad

This is probably more of a summer dish than something you make in the dead of winter, when your body is craving “comfort food”.  But, I came across a bag and a half of peas in the freezer, and in my attempt to be more responsible with my food spending, I thought I’d make up this salad to use them up .  I am often amazed at what I find buried in my freezer.  I don’t even like peas that much.

But, this is an easy salad to throw together and makes a great lunch.  Other than the fact that you’re messing up three pans, it’s just a matter of boiling peas, hard-boiling eggs, and frying a little bacon.

pe2 (1)

I stretched the recipe a little by adding extra bacon, cheese, and hard-boiled eggs, since I had more peas on hand than the recipe calls for.  I also added a little sugar to my dressing, just because I like things on the sweet side.

pe3 (1)

Big chunks of cheese and bacon not only add color to this salad, but a lot of taste.

pe4 (1)

I first shared this salad recipe back in 2014 on my old blog, Custom Comforts.  It is a great salad for serving to guests for a luncheon, or putting in small Ball canning jars to take on a picnic.

pe5 (1)

The recipe for this salad and a tutorial for making the cloth napkins can be found on my first blog, in the post called, “Pass the Peas Please.”


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