a new toy!

My new toy arrived today – a KitchenAid mixer.  I have a hand mixer that was received as a wedding present, 45 years ago.  I have been using that hand mixer since that time, and it has been a faithful appliance.


This little mixer has always worked despite the fact that over 40 years ago I lost the cord to it when moving.  This cord is from some other small appliance that died long ago, but it has never stayed in very well, and always falls out while mixing.  It’s also missing the little knob that went on the speed control.


And the other day, right in the middle of making my Royal Icing, the spatula got stuck between the beaters and completely broke one of them.  You can imagine it didn’t take much to break it since it was so old.


If it sounds like I’m trying to justify buying a new mixer . . . I am.  I was planning to buy one if my interest in baking lasted, but I wanted to save up for it first.  Losing “Old Reliable” sped up the process, so I took the plunge and ordered one off of Amazon.

Meet my new KitchenAid mixer.


Now, she’s just plain white, and looks like every other white KitchenAid mixer . . . but I’m in love!


I feel a little guilty just tossing “Old Reliable” in the trash after 45 years of faithful service.  It seems like I should dig a hole outside and give it a proper burial, but the ground is frozen solid, like a rock.  It will be sad to say good-bye, but I’m sure once I turn on the new mixer, and hear the hum of it’s motor, and see the beater whisking up a cake without the cord falling out, I’ll be fine.

While in this part of the kitchen, I wanted to show you a metal envelope-like box I purchased from Hobby Lobby to keep and coral my menu planner and recipes I’m using for the week.


It was meant to hang on a wall, but I liked it better on my counter top, where the menu and recipes are handy for reference.  Keeps me on track and the meals continue to stretch further than planned.


Let the baking begin!



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