photo props

This year when I went to the Springfield Flea, it was with the intent to look for photo props that I could use for my online Etsy business.  Not just any props, but props that represented individual states, or a group of states.

This is mighty Montana, our 4th largest state and home to Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.


But, when I think of Montana, along with many of the western states, I think of cattle ranchers.  So when I saw this rusty, vintage, and run down toy cattle truck, I grabbed it.  That it’s missing parts and pieces was of no consequence.  I think I loved it all the more knowing that it has had a long history, and was played with many years ago.


And this bull, I found him just across the aisle at another vendors booth and he seemed to just belong with this run down trailer.


So, it you feel the mountains calling your name, or long to see two of our most beautiful national parks, I think Montana is a wonderful place to plan a summer vacation.


State maps are available on Etsy at:



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