this week’s bouquet

I’ve been trying to make a bouquet every week from whatever is currently blooming in the garden.  Bringing the flowers inside, on the porch, or sometimes I take them to the office, is one way of enjoying my garden more, and this is what I came up with this week.


It’s a mixture of barely blooming Oakleaf Hydrangea, Feverfew, and a varigated willow, Salix Hakuro Nishiki . . . making for a lovely green and white bouquet.


I should have waited on the Oakleaf Hydrangea as they have barely started to bloom and will be much prettier in a weeks’ time.


The variegated willow did not really hold up and stand the test of time, only looking their best the first day, wilting the second day, and turning brown by the third day.


But the sweet little Feverfew almost seemed to “perk up” in a bouquet and lasted for days.  Here they are slightly bent from the stem laying on the ground and reaching for the sun.


All in all, a beautiful combination of plants, but not one I would repeat unless using it for an immediate gathering of friends since the willow did not pull it’s weight.  But at least for a day they did look lovely on the porch with the wind blowing the sheer curtains in the background.


Happy Sunday everyone!

2 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. Love the idea of creating a vase full of flowers from the garden each week, I just need the flowers first. Maybe next year.


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