this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet comes with a table setting from Saturday when my Mother and sister came for lunch on the screened porch. Since I set the table with my bee dishes, I kept the arrangement to all yellows and whites. Having once been a beekeeper, I am partial to anything with bees on it, and these are my favorite summer plates. I started this arrangement … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

summer guests – six on saturday

Don’t you love it when you have summer guests?  It’s a sign that the “party is on”.  I’m not much of a party girl myself, but these guests have made this summer very special. This first guest is not so pretty, in fact he is quite scary if looking close up.  Fortunately you don’t actually see them often since they hang out high in the … Continue reading summer guests – six on saturday

rainy weekend

Who doesn’t love a rainy day?  Softly falling rain, soothing like music to the eyes, ears, and soul after a dry spell. Promises of rain often come to naught, especially when desperately needed.  But, it’s a whole weekend drinking binge forecast for the thirsty ground and plants.  Every gardener and farmer must be as happy as their thirsty plants. I plan to spend some of … Continue reading rainy weekend

finally in ~ six on saturday

I was finally able this morning to plant my echinacea in their new homes.  Last evening, I dropped the final branches in this area which was the reason for not planting sooner.  Here is the final planting, which is looking very sparse and even a little pitiful, but time will take care of that. There are also a couple hydrangea back here that haven’t done … Continue reading finally in ~ six on saturday