autumn in the dining room

I took these pictures ages ago, back in September, but have been so busy with my Etsy business that I haven’t had much time for blogging.  I thought if I was going to show you fall in my dining room, I’d better do it before the Christmas season sets in.

My dining room is very small, barely large enough to hold a table for four and the credenza, where I store all my seasonal dishes.  Fortunately, it opens up into the living room, or it would be a very small, dark room indeed.

dr2 (1)

This is the vintage tray that I purchased at the Springfield Flea Market in September.  The fact that it is green makes it adaptable to every season and I can hardly wait to use it for Christmas.

dr1 (1)

In one corner is a strawberry picking basket that I made some years ago to resemble the vintage ones you can buy at a flea.  I use it to hold my wine bottles.  I rarely drink wine, but I like the look they give a room, so I keep a small collection of sweet white wines on hand in case I need a bottle for entertaining.

dr3 (1)

A vase of my favorite faux sunflowers sweetly brightens and softens the corner of the room.

dr4 (1)

The other side of the credenza holds a tall arrangement of dried broom corn stalks.  There is a window on this side of the room and from spring through fall, I remove the plantation shutters to get more light into this space.  It’s a southern exposure, but my very old and tall oak trees block so much light, it makes it seem like more of a northern exposure.

dr5 (1)

The broom corn adds such a nice touch of fall color to the room.

dr6 (1)

Another tray I made from vintage pieces of wood I bought years ago at the Springfield Flea.  I have a thing for trays, but this is my all time favorite one.

dr7 (1)

And this sweet rugged cross, that I also bought at the flea.  At this point, I think it would be easier to just say that the table and chairs, clock, and lamp, are the only things I didn’t buy at Springfield.  You can probably tell by now, that flea markets are my favorite place to shop.

dr8 (1)

 We’ve already had an early ice storm and snow here, so it’s feeling more like Christmas now.  I hope you all enjoy what is left of autumn and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

4 thoughts on “autumn in the dining room

    1. Thank you Ali! I am the daughter of a carpenter and my ex-husband was a carpenter, and without realizing it, I picked up some limited knowledge and carpentry skills a long the way. I do as much remodeling as I can and hire out what is beyond my skills or range of tools. Mostly I learned I can do more than I ever thought I could.
      My daughter and I used to refinish furniture and make things to sell at flea markets and shows. The strawberry basket is a leftover from a show that didn’t sell and my map business came out of doing the shows too. I love remodeling and creating almost as much as I love gardening.


  1. Thank you Claire! So nice to connect with you again. I haven’t been on Facebook since I started blogging again. Just too busy to keep up with it all. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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