echinacea garden

The Echinacea garden is coming along.  It’s been a long process.  The area is at the very back of my yard and was totally covered with honeysuckle trees that I cut down during the summer.  Slowly, I’ve been filling it in with new plants. Even though they are written down somewhere, I can’t tell you the names of all these varieties.  But in the end, … Continue reading echinacea garden

this week’s bouquet

As the garden winds down, every week I think this will be my last bouquet.  We haven’t had a frost yet, and the trees are still unseasonably green, but the temps have turned noticeably colder, which seems to have intensified the color in these flowers. In truth, this bouquet looks more like spring than fall.  The roses look lovelier now than in the heat of … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

holding tight to summer

I did some dead heading in the zinnia garden last evening.  It is hard to watch the precious blooms losing color and going to seed. They are looking tired and worn, falling over from wind and rain.  The leaves have lost some color, looking very faded, and covered with a powdery mildew. Although smaller, they are still loaded with new buds, and dead heading will … Continue reading holding tight to summer