rain barrels

There is something about rain barrels I have always loved, and I’ve had at least one or two around my home catching rain for over 40 years.  In the distance, behind the fence, the old rain barrel is making its way to the back of the shed where I will try to extend it’s life for another year or two with a plastic liner.


I’m not sure what my fascination with them is.  Maybe it’s just as simple as the fact that they hearken back to a simpler time when this was how they collected water before modern conveniences and indoor plumbing.

They are a great way to water plants, and I always keep a watering can setting nearby for that specific use.


Rain barrels, or rather whisky barrels, which was their original use, are getting harder to find, and much more expensive.  I found this one at the Springfield Flea and it wasn’t cheap, but it was $60 less than getting one here in town at a local nursery.  So I considered it a bargain.  They last about 10 years or so, and there are ways to extend their life to get an extra year or two from them.


When they are full, they make a great place for the birds to get a drink of water.


I personally think they give the garden a quaint and magical look.




2 thoughts on “rain barrels

  1. You are such a gifted blogger and photographer! I am sad when 8 get to the end and joyfully looking forward to the next blog! Thank you, dear friend!


    1. Thank you Mary. I didn’t realize how much I missed blogging. It is such a wonderful way to capture thoughts and moments of your life. Sometimes I go back to my old blog and just review my life and journey. I do it more for me than others, but I am glad you enjoy it. I miss you! We must talk soon.


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