hutch makeover

From a previous post, I shared that I was revamping my office and making it into the room where I take photos for my Etsy business.  I sold the top of the hutch, but kept the bottom.  I painted the bottom white, purchased some staging props, and have been taking photos here ever since.  In my home that sits among lots of trees, this is as good as natural light gets, except when the ground is snow covered.


It was fun, not only to buy staging props, but to use them.  I try to keep the props as much as possible themed to the state I am photographing.  Here I am staging Iowa, and when I think of my trip through Iowa when I was in high school, all I remember is flat farmland that seemed to go on forever.


I had this rusty old tractor and thought it would be perfect to represent Iowa and it’s cornfields.  I love this rusty tractor, that in it’s previous life was originally a garden sprinkler.  I took off the rotating sprinkler part and now it is the perfect farmhouse decor.


An old country crock recently found at a flea market, with various mixed medium natural balls compliments the tractor perfectly.


I think the hutch as a staging area is going to work out very well.

Sharing with A Stroll Thru Life for “Inspire Me Tuesday”.


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