There is something about moss that fascinates me.  I’m not sure I really understand it, but whether in my yard or on a hike, I am always drawn to it. There is moss growing in my front yard in the grass.  For serious lawn keepers, moss is like the enemy, but I encourage it to grow and I use it often in pots of flowers, … Continue reading moss

this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is made from my oakleaf hydrangea bush.  Simple.  Just one plant. I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed with this bouquet.  The flowers had already past their prime and were yellowing and starting to speckle in places. I think the bouquet actually looks prettier in these photos that in real life sitting on my screened porch. Some of the flowers are starting … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

upstairs workroom

Well, I have finally finished turning the upstairs bedroom into my Etsy business workroom.  I know . . . I only showed you a couple months ago on Facebook what the table would look like and the chair . . . but, it is all finally done.  Here is the finished table.  It’s a standing table and it’s rather high, but then I’m rather tall.  … Continue reading upstairs workroom


Dill is a volunteer in my garden.  I planted it years ago, and it’s been happily reseeding itself here and there ever since. It’s one of those plants that just dazzles me.  I never tire of looking at it’s most delicate beauty, not to mention it’s smell and taste. I love it in salads and for making pickles.  Often the dill and cucumbers do not … Continue reading dill


I absolutely adore catmint! It is one of those plants that just make my heart sing.  I can’t even put it into words how it makes me feel.  It is beautiful when underplanted with roses or peonies.  But unlike my persnickity roses, and peonies that only last a few days, catmint blooms on and on, and if cut back when finished, it will bloom again … Continue reading catmint