this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is a very large one, made from Heliopsis and Golden Rod, what many consider a common weed.  I was pruning the privot hedge at the time, so I threw in a few of the cuttings to add a third texture. I dug up the heliopsis from a corn field across the street from my parent’s home many years ago.  It was invading … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

fall on the porch

I bought this little metal stand years ago at my neighbor’s yard sale for $3.  It came with votive cups for candles, but I have used it over the years with a variety of items.  In the summer, I’ve put little peat pots in it with faux succulents, and at Christmas time, it holds Christmas ornaments very nicely.  It even holds cupcakes perfectly for entertaining.  … Continue reading fall on the porch

rainy weekend

Who doesn’t love a rainy day?  Softly falling rain, soothing like music to the eyes, ears, and soul after a dry spell. Promises of rain often come to naught, especially when desperately needed.  But, it’s a whole weekend drinking binge forecast for the thirsty ground and plants.  Every gardener and farmer must be as happy as their thirsty plants. I plan to spend some of … Continue reading rainy weekend