adding space

Because we’ve had such a dreary snowless winter, I’ve been cheering myself and my kitchen with a few spring flowers from Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, none of my windows provide very good light. I have an old green cabinet that sits directly under the only kitchen window. Even being so near the window, the plants were not thriving because they sat well below the window ledge. … Continue reading adding space

spring bouquet

Last week I was reading Traci’s post at Hembree House Interiors, Creating an English Garden Bouquet, and it left me uplifted in spirit, and inspired. It made me realize how much I was longing for spring and the color of flowers. Be sure to stop over and check out the beautiful arrangement she made. It is truly a feast for winter weary eyes. I very … Continue reading spring bouquet

chicken and bacon pasta with spinach and tomatoes in garlic cream sauce

I’ve been on a roll when it comes to trying new recipes. My whole meal plan for the last couple weeks consisted of new recipes to try. With Pinterest and a couple good food blogs at your fingertips, why eat the same things over and over again? Originally when I found this recipe on Pinterest and clicked through, it did not produce the actual recipe. … Continue reading chicken and bacon pasta with spinach and tomatoes in garlic cream sauce

this week’s bake – blackberry cobbler

This week’s bake is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, and one of the easiest. It is a Pioneer Woman’s recipe, so you know it has to be delicious. This is seriously easy and quick to throw together. You start by mixing a cup of flour, a cup of sugar, and a cup of milk. Add 1/2 stick of melted butter. As I’m … Continue reading this week’s bake – blackberry cobbler

German potato soup

There is nothing better to warm you inside and out than homemade soup on a cold and damp winter day. This recipe comes from my blogging friend, Cathy, of Words and Herbs, who graciously allowed me to share her recipe with you. Cathy, formally from the UK, now lives and gardens in Bavaria. I usually make a cheesy potato soup, but this vegan recipe sounded … Continue reading German potato soup

this week’s bake – lemon blueberry crumb cake muffins

I haven’t done much baking this winter. Usually the cold weather triggers my desire to make hearty winter meals and baked goods. But this year, not so much. This is my first bake of the year and it’s a yummy one. An easy afternoon bake, and perfect for breakfast or brunch. I love anything made from the combination of lemons and blueberries. In my opinion, … Continue reading this week’s bake – lemon blueberry crumb cake muffins