this week's bouquet

My first bouquet of the year using flowers from the yard. What a blessing it is to have signs of color and growth after a long and dreary winter. This bouquet is on display in my kitchen amidst other spring decor on my new makeshift shelf where I love to play and change things up on a weekly basis.

A sweet set of chicks that I bought at a flea so long ago, speak of hope and newness of life that comes with spring.

This bouquet is simple, because resources in the yard are still so limited. I realized it’s much harder to be creative when the selections are so few. The only other flowers blooming are the hellebores, and I didn’t want to deplete them when they will last so much longer if left outside.

I picked these when it was 70 degrees outside, because I knew it was dropping into the 20’s the same night. These were the only daffodils showing color yet, and some were still only half open, so I thought I would rescue them from the coming night’s frost.

Yellow is a color I rarely use or allow in my garden. Admittedly I am a “color snob” when it comes to the hot colors, but in early spring, yellow is such a welcome sight to winter weary eyes.

Keeping the daffodils company are sprigs of pussy willow and early cut branches of Hakuro Nishiki Japanese Willow.

Joining in on this shelf is my sweet little bee plate I found tucked away when cleaning the other day. I think it’s supposed to be a soap dish, but it is too cute to cover up with a bar of soap.

Having previously been a beekeeper (in a younger version of myself), I have a fondness for all things “bees”.

Sending you some simple spring joy from nature today.

And in case you’re struggling with fear, confinement, and the health situation in our world, I leave you some “in your face” sunshine to brighten your day.

Linking today with Cathy of Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday. Be sure to pop in there to see pretty flower arrangements from all over the world.


18 thoughts on “this week's bouquet

  1. A beautiful bouquet and the shelf is full of spring cheerfulness. Seeing the sunlight streaming through the window made my heart leap. I am looking forward to days of sunshine. All of this bleak weather with all the dreary news makes for trying times. Happy IAVOM.

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    1. Thank you Lisa! It certainly does take extra effort these days to keep our spirits up. The dreary, rainy weather doesn’t help. Hopefully soon, the weather will warm and the sun will shine more often, which will help our spirits too. Stay safe!


    1. It is slow coming, but it will eventually get here. Because we had such a warm winter, I thought it would arrive early, but March is unpredictable with highs and lows, and lots of rain. We’ve already had twice as much rain as normal for this time of year with showers in the forecast every day for the next 10 days. I think the constant rain, cloudy skies, and mud is the part I’m most struggling with. It is such a treat when the sun shines, and daffodils are like sunshine in a vase.

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  2. Love the ‘in your face sunshine’ and we actually have real sunshine here too today. The willows are both fun and will give you lots of joy as they open. The bee plate is just lovely, I’d buy that if I saw it.

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    1. We’re having nothing but clouds and rain here for days to come. It just seems to go on and on. Sooner or later, the sun has to shine, and everything turn green, but it seems most elusive this year. I think God knew we’d need the yellow of daffodils to make it through this time of year.


  3. I love the in-your-face brightness of the yellow daffodil, Cindy, and the pussy willow is a splendid addition. Those little chicks are adorable too!

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    1. Thank you Kris. They certainly are helping me cope with these dreary, rainy days of March. It has felt like an endless March since Christmas, which I think is why if feels intolerably long. Any little bit of color is a blessing.


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