adding space

Because we’ve had such a dreary snowless winter, I’ve been cheering myself and my kitchen with a few spring flowers from Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, none of my windows provide very good light.

I have an old green cabinet that sits directly under the only kitchen window. Even being so near the window, the plants were not thriving because they sat well below the window ledge. In order to raise them up to window height, I brought a vintage cheese box that was in the living room and set it on the green cabinet. It not only elevated the plants, but created a shelf underneath, allowing for a place to tuck a few things.

The top shelf holds the hellebore I bought in January. Probably grown on in a cool greenhouse, it is neither equipped to handle the still too cold outside temperatures, nor the warmth of a house. Consequently, it has not done well, and I’ll be happy if I can just keep it alive until April, when I can plant it in the ground.

On the other side of the top shelf is an Angel Vine plant that I’ve had for at least 5 years. It always adds a touch of sweet softness wherever I place it.

In-between is a candle, faux tulips, and a garden angel that was a gift.

In the bottom shelf I can tuck a variety of either small, useful, or decorative items.

And the fun part is I can change things around over and over again . . . and I do. I finally moved the hellebore to the unheated upstairs dormer window in hopes it would be happier. In its place I put two vases of forsythia branches to force into bloom.

And more flowers from Trader Joe’s.

Since my kitchen is so small, every space counts for storage and practical reasons. It’s always fun to move things around, and especially to have a new area to decorate. Let the fun begin.


9 thoughts on “adding space

    1. Thank you Kris! I have never seen any of the other angel versions, but I bet the cat one is cute.
      I was so excited that I could actually leave two comments on your blog yesterday. Some weeks it works, and some it doesn’t, and I have no idea why.


    1. It is a sweet little cyclamen that was only $2 at the grocery store. They are the cutest little pots of plants, but unfortunately they dry out almost overnight since they are inset in plastic pots that don’t reach the bottom of the clay pot. I think I might set up a wick of some kind that will suck up water as needed.

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      1. That was excellent value. Good luck with the wick. The prettiest things are not always the most practical. I once bought two small clay pots which I thought were lovely. Their rims were thick which means the insides are too small for anything but the tiniest of succulents, so they’ve never had plants in them.

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    1. It’s been the perfect solution for the plants and I’m hoping the forsythia branches will root so I can eventually plant them out to fill holes in the hedge. But the best part, I must admit is it’s a fun place to change out the decor.

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  1. Lovely ideas for brightening the place up in winter. The light is coming back, but it is still very cold here too. I have the same garden angel Cindy! Mine was a gift from my Mum, also a gardener. 🙂

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    1. Those little angels seem to get around. I’ve never seen them in stores, but they seem quite popular. They are sweet little things to tuck into small spaces.
      I’m looking forward to putting everything outside, but also enjoying having them all inside where I can enjoy them close up. Happy weekend Cathy!

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