this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is a lovely combination of sunlight and simplicity. We had strong thunderstorms yesterday and very high winds today, leaving many of the daffodils with their faces in the dirt. With a soft shower in the kitchen sink, they were soon looking lovely and happy again. I knew they wouldn’t be able to pick themselves up again, so I decided to bring them … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

this week's bake – toll house chocolate chip pie

I made this week’s bake on a whim. It was one of those rare occasions when I came across a recipe online, and I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand to make it. My only hesitation was that I usually share my bakes with my co-workers, and since I would be working from home because of the virus, there was no one … Continue reading this week's bake – toll house chocolate chip pie

this month’s book – garden home

This winter I decided I wanted to challenge myself to read, cover to cover, one garden or home decor book each month. In an attempt to increase my garden knowledge, and force myself to slow down a little to read, I ordered my first book. But, while waiting impatiently for the new book to arrive, I came across a book I’ve had, but haven’t read … Continue reading this month’s book – garden home