spring mantel

Despite the fact that it is cold and snowing again, it is time to change things up again. Maybe a little early, but spring will eventually catch up. Until then, I’m celebrating early and anyways, slowly bringing spring to different parts of the house.

This was an easy switch from the winter mantel with very few changes. I kept all the books and the mirror in place, replacing only four other things. First I removed the winter picture and replaced it with a trio of ferns I framed up a few years ago, that had been hanging in my bedroom.

I hadn’t actually decided beforehand to decorate with ferns, but once I placed this on the mantel, I knew it was the look I wanted. They added a nice subtle change without going full blown spring. Some of the best changes are serendipitous.

Next, I removed the vase on the opposite end of the mantel, and replaced it with a potted faux fern, also from my bedroom.

Another simple change . . . I switched out the pinecone for a bird’s nest.

And last, but not least, I replaced the candle with a clay pottery rabbit that hangs out in my garden during the summer, and in the greenhouse during the winter.

And so it all came together without much effort or forethought, and with things from around the house.

Winter and Spring

Are you making any spring changes inside your home yet?


6 thoughts on “spring mantel

  1. It’s just perfect, Cindy. You’ve given things a push in the right direction without getting delusional about the state of your weather at present. I love the fern prints.


  2. I thought everyone changed out their mantel every season. I get tired of what is there and am always antsy to change it up. It is fun to change it to match the season with things you have or flowers from outside.


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