winter mantel

I thought I would be content with my Christmas mantel throughout the duration of winter.  After all, it was more wintery than Christmasy.

cm11 (1 of 1)-2

But I felt the need to declutter and simplify the look using some of the same elements.  I started with the winter print that I love so much, and worked around that.

mantel (1 of 1)

The point was to keep it simple in order to create a clean and less cluttered look.

I used the same wood vase with faux pines, but I wanted the focus of the mantel to be a collection of vintage books with green and beige covers. A few books stacked this way and that became the foundation of the whole display.

mantel (1 of 1)-3

A simple woodsy pinecone was the finishing touch on one pile of books.

mantel (1 of 1)-5

A small crock, candle, and evergreen sprig finish it off.

mantel (1 of 1)-6

After the busyness of Christmas decor, less is always more, and always enough.

mantel (1 of 1)-7

Beside the fireplace is a simple arrangement made with faux pines and birch logs.

mantel (1 of 1)-9

mantel (1 of 1)-10

Realistic faux greens that I’ve collected over the years always make a lovely arrangement.  Expensive faux flowers or greens are always worth the money, and can be purchased after Christmas at bargain prices.

mantel (1 of 1)-11

mantel (1 of 1)-12

This will keep me until spring, when it will be time for a welcome change again.

Do you change your mantel decor with the seasons?


6 thoughts on “winter mantel

  1. Much as I love the year-end holidays, I understand the impulse to simplify when they’re over. I tuck away everything that links to the holiday period with the exception of 2 winter-y snow globes. I don’t currently had a fireplace mantle in the living room but my husband is working on that. Don’t be surprised if you see flowers in a vase on it once it’s in place!

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    1. Anxious to see your fireplace mantel Kris. And I wouldn’t expect to see anything other than your gorgeous flowers on it. You are so lucky to have so many handy. Here, they have to come from the grocery store.


  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m out of town for 6 weeks and itching to get back home to do my mantel after reading design books and magazines. Nothing like a new place you can’t decorate to make you want to be home !

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  3. There are so many wonderful ideas available these days that sometimes it is hard to decide what you want to do most. I’m not very good at keeping it simple, but I’m trying to learn that less is always more.
    Six weeks is a long time to be away from home. I would be itching to get back too.


    1. Thank you Sheryl. I actually enjoy winter, when it is winter. But, unusual for our climate, it’s been nothing but rain and gray days. I think I’m ready for some spring decor, even if it’s only inside.


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