yule log

Originally a Nordic tradition, Yule is the name of the old Winter Solstice festivals of Scandinavia, and other parts of Northern Europe, such as Germany.  The Yule log is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth as a Christmas tradition.

My Yule log was gifted to me on Christmas Eve by my brother-in-law.  He had made one for their dining room table out of some old birch logs.  I simply commented on how pretty it was, and he offered to me the extra one he had made.  I was more than delighted to bring it home for my dining room table.

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As you can see from the end view of the log in the above photo, he cut lengthwise one side of the round log, so that it would sit flat on the table and not roll around.  Then he cut three holes in the top side of the log, large enough to hold a votive cup.

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The day after Christmas, I headed to Meijer grocery store to buy the same votive cups my sister had.  Fortunately, they had three left, and I filled them with Yankee Candle’s “Balsam and Cedar” votive candles.  Even without burning, the candles fill the house with a lovely balsam smell.

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And when lit, the fragrance is not only divine, but adds a warm glow to the room.

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I’ve said numerous times before, that at Christmas time, I decorate primarily with faux pines, so this beautiful log, fits right in.

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And the best part is that the faux pines will adorn my living and dining room all winter, minus the Christmas touches.

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The warm glow and pine fragrance will keep me company during the long, cold winter days and nights.

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I may not be burning my Yule log on the hearth, as ancient tradition dictates, but it will glow all winter long with votive candles.

I hope everyone is enjoying family, slower days, and the afterglow of Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “yule log

    1. My brother-in-law is a gifted carpenter and can make anything. He makes furniture and even made new doors for my kitchen cabinets. He’s done just about anything and everything over the years to help the family with projects.
      It does smell very piney in here, which is nice since none of them are real.
      I hope you’re enjoying your holidays!


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