selling texas

Every time I have a sale on Etsy, my phone goes “cha-ching”.  It’s a lovely sound.  Sometimes when it “chings” at work, someone will ask, “What is that”?  I’ve been known to answer, “I just sold Minnesota”.  They laugh, since they know I have a part time business on Etsy selling wall decor made from vintage road maps.  This is when I feel like a realtor.

I wish I was a realtor selling Texas.  The U.S. did try to purchase Texas, California, and New Mexico, but Mexico aware of the value of the land, was not interested.  Although becoming a state in 1845, Texas was acquired through hard fought war. After the Mexican-American War in 1846, the United States eventually paid Mexico approximately $15 million for the purchase of Texas.

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Texas is our second largest state, after Alaska, with an area of 268,820 square miles. My version of selling Texas is much more simple, no treaties, no border wars, and definitely not as lucrative as $15 million.  I sell Texas in four sizes . . . small, medium, large, and X-large.  The small size (15-1/2″w x 15″h) is perfect for a gallery wall, dorm room, office cubicle, or a wall with limited space.

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Medium (21″w x 20″h) is the preferred size for most customers.  This National Geographic version is not only colorful, but features parks, historical sites, and tourist attractions.

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Everything is big in Texas, and the X-large size (33″w x 32″h), is not only impressive, but would make a statement in any room of your home or office.

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I may not be a realtor, but I am selling real estate.  And the price is much more reasonable than $15 million.  Give someone you love a lovingly, handmade version of that special state they call home.

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Gifting couldn’t be easier with free shipping on Etsy at Custom Comforts.



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