fall decorating

We’ve had such an abnormally hot fall, I found it hard to bring out the fall decor when it still feels so much like summer.  But then, we had our first real cold snap, and that was enough to cool off the attic where all the seasonal decorations are stored.

I brought down all the bags of colorful fall decor, but the older I get, the more I like “simple”.  So I decided to add just a few things to the mantel, and the rest went back to the attic.


The cross-stitch sampler I made in 1986 – 1987, was already hanging  over the fireplace, and the perfect fall colors.


A couple sprays of fall leaves and berries in a vintage jar, and a few faux gourds completed the left side nicely.


On the right side of the mantel, I added a vintage tray made from scratched and chippy wood, and filled it with colorful vintage books.


But the mantel still felt a little unbalanced, so lastly, I added of sheaf of wheat.


Did you know a sheaf of wheat represents harvest and fertility?  So perfect for this time of year.  But also, a man or woman harvesting wheat signifies productiveness and fertility.  A crow or vulture with a sheaf of wheat in its beak denotes Satan’s watchfulness for the easily corrupted.  And wheat scattered on the ground symbolizes  a wasted life/future.

I’d say that is a lot of responsibility to lay on a simple sheaf of wheat.


Personally, I’d say it represents all that fall is . . . and in the most beautiful and simple way.




8 thoughts on “fall decorating

  1. I love your cross-stitch piece. I think you’ve set the stage for fall’s cooler weather to make a graceful entrance. Here, the Santa Ana winds are back, raising fire danger and generally causing havoc – regrettably, they’ll probably be with us through most of the weekend.

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    1. I made that cross-stitch piece so very long ago. I had a friend, and every year we’d make a sampler, one year she would choose the pattern, and me the next. I don’t think she ever finished any of hers.
      Stay safe out there. It looks bad from what the news shows.


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