fall outdoor decorating

Sometimes it takes me awhile to get in the mood to decorate for a new season.  Usually, it’s just a matter of being too busy.  But, this Sunday afternoon, I felt like playing and fiddling with the cement urns that sit on each side of my garage.

The urns held Boston ferns all summer, so I pulled them out, put them in black plastic pots, and set them beside the urns to still add a touch of greenery and fullness to the display.

I started filling the urns with dried cornstalks that I picked up at the grocery store.  I cut each stalk in thirds so I would have enough to fill the urn.  The stalks weren’t in the best shape, but they will do.

fa2 (1)

Then I added some golden rod, snipped again from my neighbor’s yard.  The golden rod has seen better days too, and was fading, but did a nice job of filling out the arrangement.

fa3 (1)

Then the fun part began.  The corn stalks were a little spread out and all over the place since they were just setting inside the urns without anything to hold them in place except their bulk.  So I gathered them together a little bit, tucked some pieces of torn leftover cocoa fiber liner around the front, and placed a few varieties of small pumpkins on the cocoa liner to add some color.

fa4 (1)

Now, most people try to kill moss growing in their grass, but I love having it since I often find uses for it in arrangements.  This time, I placed some of it on top of the cocoa liner and under each pumpkin,  not only to cushion the pumpkins, but to add another layer of texture.

fa5 (1)

I added a large pumpkin or two at the base of each urn, and it’s done.

fa6 (1)

fa7 (1)

fa8 (1)

I may do something similar with cornstalks for the front entry, but I’ll have to go on a hunt for some better looking ones first.Blank Etsy Shop Mini Banner2What is your feeling about warty-looking pumpkins?  Do you like them or find them repulsive?

fa9 (1)

I’ve never liked them much myself in the past, but this year they are starting to grown on me (no pun intended).Blank Etsy Shop Mini Banner2

Although this isn’t exactly a bouquet, I’m linking with Cathy of Rambling in the Garden for “In A Vase On Monday”.  Pop over there to see lovely bouquets made from late fall flowers.



19 thoughts on “fall outdoor decorating

    1. Thanks Barb! It usually takes a weather change to get me in the mood to decorate, and we haven’t had that yet. It’s still unusually hot and dry here, and reaching the 90’s. We’re all looking forward to some cooler weather, and hopefully before it turns to winter.


  1. You’re well ahead of me on seasonal decorations, Cindy. I’ve developed a fondness for the warty orange pumpkins. Unfortunately, the squirrels are fond of them too. I usually keep them inside until Halloween to avoid having the squirrels tunnel through them.

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    1. I’m surprised the squirrels bother your pumpkins. They don’t bother mine at all, even when I throw them away in the compost. Now, when I use cornstalks, they usually strip off the corn, but these stalks were so pitiful and had no ears of corn. Which in the end, may be good, so they don’t climb in the arrangements.


    1. Thanks Noelle! I bought my pumpkins at a large fall flea market, where a farmer always brings tons of pumpkins and a nice variety. They are so reasonable on their prices and I got 6 large pumpkins and 10-12 small ones, all for $25. Buying them at local nurseries can be pricey, especially the unique ones.


  2. Very nice fall decoration! I too, have difficulty getting in the mood for decorating, but then I also have no talent! 😀 I tend to like anything odd and unusual in vegetables, so the warty pumpkins are great!

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    1. I have found that I just need to wait for the mood to hit me. I enjoy it more when I do that, but it is a chore if I’m not in the mood. Sometimes I just have to wait for the weather to change to match the season, and that puts me in the mood. Cool fall weather always puts me in the mood to cook and bake more. This fall has been so abnormally hot, that I don’t even want to turn on the oven or spend time over the stove. It’s the funny things from our history and memories that trigger seasonal changes for me.


    1. Thank you Alison! They do grow on you. I never used to like them at all, and this is the first year I have bought them. They are coming out with new varieties all the time.


  3. Love the placement and the warty pumpkins. Moss is a favorite of mine as well. Can’t beat it for dressing up edges like you have done. I had some crazy grey pumpkins last year and decided to bake them, divine sweet pumpkin my husband made a pie.


    1. I just love using moss!!! It’s not doing very well this summer since it’s been so dry, but it’s hardy and I know it will survive.
      I don’t usually eat any of my pumpkins since they are so hard to cut up. Time is also and issue. And I’m not that fond of pumpkin pie, but I do love pumpkin muffins and cookies.

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    1. Thank you Eliza. You are most kind! I really enjoy decorating, and I always wanted to be an interior designer, but now that I’m retirement age, it’s not likely to happen. So I indulge myself by moving furniture around, finding that unique piece at a flea market, and working on the curb appeal of my home. That’s about all I have the energy for anyways 🙂

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      1. Don’t sell yourself short, Cindy. Word got out about my gardening and I find myself at 62 with more business than I can handle. The same could happen to you. All it takes is confidence (you can do this!) and the first person to ask you to advise them on their decorating. Charge time and materials, simple, and you get a thrill doing what you love – the Universe rewards that! ❤

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  4. Thank you Eliza for your kind words of encouragement. My Etsy business has been experiencing an unexplained drop off, and I’m wondering as I’m 66 and retiring from my full time job in a year and a half, what next? My Etsy business was supposed to supplement my retirement income. Maybe there is something different on the horizon and I just don’t know it yet. Thank you again so much!!! Changes in the wind are always scary.


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