this week’s bouquet

My one goal for today was to make a bouquet and get it posted online.  Not a difficult job for any other time, but I was just released from the hospital following surgery for an acute appendicitis.  I needed something to feel normal in my life today, even if it is not.

Pictures  are average, and the flowers of the Oakleaf Hydrangea appear that they were most likely at their peak last week, when I was in the hospital.  Nonetheless, here they are.

bq2 (1)

Seems like I’ve run out of energy, even for words.


bq3 (1)



10 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

    1. Thank you so kindly Mary. I’m glad to be home too in my own bed, and not missing all the tubes and drains they had in me. Plus, it is quiet here and I can rest and just listen to the birds instead of all the machines beeping. I’m not sure how they expect people to recover in a hospital, but the care I received was wonderful.


    1. Thank you Eliza. Emergencies always show us how fragile life is and just how quickly everything can be turned upside down. It makes me appreciate normal much more as I try to find my way back to it.

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    1. It was a nasty experience and a very dark week of my life, but I can see hope that my body will eventually find it’s way back to normal. It’s hard to be patient, but I am resting and sleeping, and repeating that over and over.
      Thank you Jane for coming to say hello. I haven’t had time to look at all the posts I’ve missed in the last week, but I will be stopping by your place soon.

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  1. Oh no, sorry to hear you had to have an op Cindy. Hope you start feeling better really soon. You are clearly addicted to this meme now though, gathering flowers when you have just got out of hospital! Put your feet up and take a few days off. 🙂

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    1. I made the bouquet and posted, but haven’t had the energy to go back and link up to the meme. Oh well, when you’re sick, some things just don’t seem to matter. Just trying to get to the point where I might make it back to normal. Surgery can really kick you in the butt.
      Thanks so much for coming by and offering your words of kindness. It means so much!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your emergency surgery, Cindy. I can appreciate your desire to get back to normal as quickly as possible but I hope you’ll give your body a break and treat it with loving care. Of course, I believe that having nature close at hand is an aid to mind and body health and I’m sure your lovely hydrangeas will serve you well in that respect. Best wishes.

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    1. Thank you Kris. It was quite a surprise and now I get to sit for 6 weeks and watch the weeds grow. I would have much preferred watching the snow fly outside while under a cover instead, but daily walks through the garden will renew my body and spirit I’m sure. It is hard for a gardener to sit still in mid summer, but patience is a virtue I’m sure I’ll be working on here for awhile.


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