the many and lovely shades of green

When I was a child, yellow was my favorite color.  As an adult, it has to be green.  Four rooms in my home are green, and my porch.  I’ve come to think of green as a neutral, since it plays so well with every color.

Nature provides every shade imaginable and in every shape and size.

gr1 (1)

After a drab, brown, and dreary winter, colors are most pleasing.  But, it is the abundant lushness of green, that makes my heart sing.

gr2 (1)

From ferns . . .

gr4 (1)

to carpets of moss . . .

gr3 (1)

it captivates every sense.

gr5 (1)

Green is such a relaxing color, and God certainly knew what He was doing when He chose it as His primary color.

gr7 (1)

Hostas, in particular, are “show-offs” when it comes to green.

gr8 (1)

A shade garden invites you to play with the many and lovely shades of green.

gr9 (1)

Is it not an inviting and tranquil color?

gr10 (1)

gr11 (1)

Spring is the time of year when the earth clothes herself in green, bringing hope, vitality, and renewal to all.

gr12 (1)

Do something green today.

gr13 (1)




11 thoughts on “the many and lovely shades of green

  1. Green is such a refreshing colour, and it is a colour I like the most second after blue. So agree green plays with every colour – except flouro green which some of us may find too eye catching 😀 Lovely close up photos of the greenery in your backyard. They look beautiful. Here in Australia we are heading into winter. Some greenery is fading away but soon enough it will be spring soon and we will see blooms again 🙂

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    1. You must not have the endlessly long, cold, and dreary winters we have if it is spring here and you are thinking it will soon be spring there too. The advantages of a warmer climate. We’ll share our greenery with you as I enjoy seeing Australian gardens when we are in the midst of winter here.


      1. You’re right, Cindy. Most parts of Australia are pretty warm and while our winters are cold, they don’t generally last as long. We usually start to feel spring around September. Always like seeing the nature in the States and the expanse lands that it has 🙂

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  2. Thank you Eliza! In the winter, it’s hard to imagine how green it is now. And now, it is hard to remember the barrenness of winter. That is the miracle of spring.


  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the close-ups of ferns against hostas (and especially the painted Japanese fern), the juxtaposition of shades and textures is fantastic. Unfurling fern fronds is one of my favourite images ever! May is such a rich month in terms of shades of green, indeed! I loved your play on words – shade garden is about shades of green, not about absence of sunlight 😀

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  4. Thank you Katya!!! I have come to love my shade garden as much as my flower gardens. It’s lack of colors are more than compensated by the many varied and beautiful shades and textures of green. As it has matured, it is a garden that has become dear to my heart. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. Ferns and hostas like it cool and wet. They thrive here in the spring, but if it is a hot and dry summer, they struggle. I can see why they would not enjoy the dryer climates like California. But in turn, you have an endless array of things we cannot grow here and none of us is left without unique varieties of beauty.


  6. Green is a colour I choose for my home more and more – I hadn’t thought about it before, but you are so right about it going with so many other colours. After all, nature does just that! Lovely post Cindy.

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    1. Thank you Cathy. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve started thinking of green as a neutral, and probably I mean mostly the lighter sage greens in my home. They just seem to go well with just about any color.

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