winter light

I had just walked in my bedroom when I noticed the light coming in the window was teasing the dried hydrangeas on my dresser, and flirting with them in a most provocative way.  I grabbed my camera to capture their blushing beauty.

ga2 (1)

A little bit of sunlight during these long winter months, will make any of us smile.


Even the urn they are in, looked more exquisitely beautiful.

ga3 (2)

And then . . . Gabby, my 8-year old rescue cat, decided to join the photo shoot.

At first she was shy and wouldn’t look at me.

ga4 (1)

And then . . . she turned into a super model.  Looking coy one minute . . .

ga6 (1)

. . . and then flashing her beautiful green eyes, that perfectly match the hydrangea.

ga5 (1)

Don’t you wonder what they are thinking sometimes when they have that faraway look?

ga7 (1)

And look at those whiskers.  At night when I’m sleeping, she comes in my bed and tickles my face with them to see if I’m awake.  Or maybe it’s just her way of showing love and giving butterfly kisses.

ga8 (1)


11 thoughts on “winter light

    1. Thank you Barbara. It’s taking her some time to settle in. She still won’t sit on my lap and she’s deathly afraid of plastic bags. You always wonder what their life was before and if they were mistreated. She’s become a precious part of our family.


  1. Beautiful photos of the light on your hydrangeas and of course, your cat. I do love cats, although we’ve decided not to have another one., because I want to encourage birds in the garden. I always enjoy seeing other people’s cats.

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    1. My older cat, Charlie passed away about 15 months ago, and I said I’d never have another cat. And to enforce that, I got rid of all my cat things. But then, one day while in the pet store buying food for the dog, I saw a cat that looks just like my Charlie. And that is how Gabby came to live with us last summer. She’d been in a cage for 7 months waiting to be adopted. She’s still very skittish, but has become a much beloved part of our family, and I will try to make up for the abuse of her earlier life. But, she will be my last cat.


  2. I know. I think that is what changed my mind in the end. I didn’t adopt her the first time I saw her. I went back a month later and she was still there. That was when I caved in and brought her home. I’m so glad I did. It means so much knowing I can make the latter years of her life better and more peaceful than the beginning.


  3. She sat right in the middle of my photo and I rarely chase her off since she is still so new to our home. I just took the opportunity to photograph her since she was so willing to sit and pose. I’m glad I did.


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