an afternoon of baking

I’m not sure what’s come over me, but suddenly, I want to bake.  It might just be the New Year, or I’ve been watching too many episodes of “The Great British Bake Off” lately.

I haven’t baked in years.  It is something I did only out of necessity, and only then if backed into a corner.  But . . . I’ve decided to ride this New Year’s wave as long as it lasts . . . and today when the urge came to bake, I made Blackberry Sweet Rolls.

I’m actually trying recipes to see if I can find a sweet dough that I could use to make poppy seed rolls that I loved as a child.  My parents used to drive to the neighboring town to buy them from a German bakery and they were “to die for”.

I didn’t have enough poppy seed on hand to experiment with, so I used blackberries for the filler, since I was really just testing the dough recipe.  I used to make pastries with yeast when I was a teenager living at home, and I was amazed at how nice it was to feel the dough in my hands again.

b1 (1)

I’ve always been a person driven by how much I could accomplish, and working with yeast dough really took more time and patience than I had to spare.  Waiting for the dough to rise, punching it down, and letting it rise again always seemed to be such a waste of precious time.

Now that I’m older, I think I’m more willing to slow down and enjoy the simple things of life.  And I found, there is something very rewarding in watching the dough swell with life, and rise to the top of the bowl.

b2 (1)

Then came rolling out the dough and adding a blackberry filling.

b3 (1)

Only to roll it up again and cut into slices for baking.

b4 (1)

Let’s just say, it came out very tasty.  A top coating of frosting, and it was perfect with a glass of milk.

b5 (1)

One big mistake though . . . I should have waited until Sunday afternoon to make it so I could take it to work to share.  I didn’t think this through very well.  I cut the recipe in half, but I’m still not sure who is going to eat it all.  Any local ladies . . . please feel free to stop by to try it out.

The original recipe can be found at Two Peas and a Pod and is called “Raspberry Sweet Rolls”.

b6 (1)



11 thoughts on “an afternoon of baking

  1. They look delicious! I love your photos of the whole process. I too am really enjoying cooking this January. I remember than from Jan and Feb last year. I channelled my gardening energy/need to create into cooking for a while.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing Ali. I don’t always have as much time spring and summer, plus it can often be way too hot for turning on the oven. If someone had asked me if I like baking, my answer would have been a definite “no”. But as I worked the dough, it brought back so many memories of my teens and twenties when I actually loved baking. Maybe my love it it will return, and some of the real joy of baking is sharing it with others.


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