the magic of snow

First there was one visitor at the bird feeder.  Well two, if you count the squirrel tucked inside the feeder.

de1 (1)

And when I came back, there were three.

de2 (1)

This is most likely the mother and her twins that were frequent visitors this summer.  They have spent quite a bit of time here this winter, even bedding down sometimes at night.  They are welcome at the bird feeder, which is where I prefer they dine, over my plants.

Mom kept a lookout the whole time they were here, seeming to notice every move I made in the house.

de3 (1)

Our first snow of the New Year and it’s a welcome change from the rather regular rain and mud we’ve had all of December.  It may only be white, but it brightens up the boring scenery of 50 shades of brown that is characteristic of winter in Ohio.

Snow makes everything beautiful and more magical.

de4 (1)

A rickety chandelier becomes enchanting.

de5 (1)

An empty, barren window box becomes quietly beautiful.

de6 (1)

Snow adds grace and loveliness to everything it touches.  It is the gift of winter.

de7 (1)

de8 (1)


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