a drippy, dreary day

Drippy and dreary are the best words to describe the weather around here lately.  Until the snow comes to brighten the scenery, Ohio weather is not only drippy and dreary, but some people find it downright depressing.

dr2 (1)

The  sun hasn’t been out much this winter and the cloudy days go on endlessly.  While some people experience winter onset SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), I mostly just go into hibernation mode.  I actually love curling up on the sofa with the dog for a nap, something I never do in spring or summer.  I see winter and these dreary days as a good excuse to get some much needed extra rest.

Even the urns that sit on each side of my garage door, are looking a little droopy since I put away the red Christmas branches and ornaments that were part of these arrangements.

dr3 (1)

Particularly beautiful are the rosettes of tree fungus growing on the ends of the birch branches.  Some are just beginning.

dr4 (1)

And some have developed into beautiful rosettes.

dr5 (1)

dr6 (1)

I love these urns that are stately, yet not overpowering for my small home.  My sister, Lynette, designed the logo on them when she worked for the garden center, A Proper Garden.  That makes them extra special.

dr7 (1)

dr8 (1)

To brighten the drab scenery today, a new and unexpected visitor stopped by . . . an albino squirrel.

dr9 (1)

 He looked a lot like an opossum in color, but that fluffy tail made him much more distinguished looking.  The other squirrels didn’t like him and chased him continually.  So he finally made an exit via the side fence.

dr10 (1)

Cold dreary weather creates a good opportunity for inside projects.  Today I’ve been repainting the kitchen and now it’s time for a college football playoff marathon.  What do you do on dreary days?



8 thoughts on “a drippy, dreary day

  1. Aw, we had an albino squirrel a few years ago. Love your urns: the arrangements you’ve made, your fungi, and that you know the person who designed the logo. I agree: on dreary days it is good to be inside. I have really enjoyed reading this Christmas, especially ‘Little Fires Everywhere’. I like getting utterly absorbed in a novel.

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  2. I read an article once about Olney, IL, celebrated for its albino squirrels. They are even protected there. We have the usual gray ones and occasionally a black one, which, similar to the white, gets chased away. It is interesting to note descrimination in animals. Cows do it, too. A nearby farm had a Jersey to add to the overall butterfat content of the milk, but her Holstein sisters were so mean to her! She always ate last in the milking parlor, too.
    As a gardener, I do confess to liking the idleness of winter, when I get to take it easy without any pressing ‘must do’ on my list. It’ll be spring before we know it, so I’ll take it easy while I can. 😉


    1. We used to have an occasional black squirrel and small red ones, but I haven’t seen them in years now that I think about it. I guess the gray ones have chased them off. It is always painful to me to see meanness in animals. Chickens are especially good at it.
      I do like winter more and more. I think I’ll like it best when I’m retired and won’t have to go out in it. As much as I love gardening, it is very nice to have a break from all the outside work.
      Happy New Year Eliza!

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  3. I’ve never seen an albino squirrel! Poor thing – why is it that creatures (including humans) feel compelled to pick on those that aren’t like them?

    I can appreciate that you’re tired of the same-old, same-old weather but I envy you the rain! I get excited when it rains here and run around like a crazy person trying to collect every drop I can but then rain doesn’t happen often enough here to get tedious. I usually read if it’s really too nasty to work outside but we don’t have much downtime due to weather. I’ve often thought that a winter break would be very nice.

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  4. I suppose there are always two sides to every coin. Once I get the millions of oak leaves raked in December, I am so ready to collapse on the couch and let the world go by. As much as I love to garden, it truly is a reprieve and a time to recharge my batteries.
    It is raining again as we speak. I’m not one to complain about rain, as I know how much the ground needs it. We’ve had an unusual amount of rain here this whole year, and as dreary as it is, I can only imagine how much we’d be shoveling if it was snow. I’ve often thought how perfect your climates are out in southern California, my brother lives in San Diego. But, the style of gardening I enjoy most requires lots of rain and humidity. So we take what we have and make the most of it. I’m making the most of couch surfing these days. Happy New Year Kris!!!


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