bedroom baubles

As I age, every year, I do a little less decorating for Christmas.  I still enjoy doing it, but my tastes have become much more simple with time.  I have slowly parted with many decorations that had been collected down through the years, and replaced them with items that make a more subtle statement, take less space to store, and less time to get out and put away.  After all, who among us enjoys putting all the Christmas decorations away?

This is the total extent of the decor in my bedroom.  Sweet, simple, and hardly noticeable.

br1 (1)

This simple vignette sets on my vanity year round, where I sit every morning to curl my hair.

br4 (1)

All that was needed to add a Christmas vibe was a few vintage ornaments collected at a flea market.

br6 (1) (1)

The mirror was made from a chippy, old window frame, also found at the same flea market.

br5 (1)

The candle and ornaments are nestled in dried hydrangea flowers, that long ago lost their color.

br7 (1)

br8 (1)

Not your typical Christmas decor or colors, but they look so at home in my bedroom, and add to the softness of the room.

br9 (1)

As I near retirement age, I find my soul embraces simplicity and longs for the peace that comes with it.  I find that less is more, and my home and life reflect that, maybe everywhere except my gardens.  In my gardens . . . more still never seems to be enough.

br10 (1)


9 thoughts on “bedroom baubles

  1. Simple and subtle is becoming more and more appealing to me too, Cindy. I recently decorated a “virtual” tree on-line and surprised myself by how restrained I was – when it came time to decorate the very real tree in my living room, I couldn’t help but think how much easier it would be to use just one or 2 colors of ball ornaments rather than all those eclectic pieces I’ve collected over decades.

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    1. For me Kris, it’s been something that has come with aging. I find I think more about downsizing than accumulating. I’m starting to realize that the multiple layers of limitations that come with aging are something I need to start planning for now and it is actually very freeing. Makes me wonder why I have made life so complicated all these years.


  2. I love the colours and textures of this vignette, Cindy! The understated colours are so calm and peaceful. I love the intricate designs on your vintage baubles, and that they have lived a little. You make it sound like a simple thing to repurpose a window frame into a mirror! Thank you for providing such inspiration and simple beauty.

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    1. Thank you Ali! A bedroom should be calming I think, and the soft colors achieve that effect.
      The mirror was really so simple. The key is finding a unique old window frame with character. Then I just went to the hardware store and had a single piece of mirror cut to cover the back. I glued it on with Gorilla Glue. I don’t know if you have that there, but you can use any glue that is really strong.
      Hope you’re having fun preparing for the holidays. I only have to work 3 more days and then I’m off until the New Year. I can hardly wait!


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