christmas mantel

Every year I tend to do something different on my fireplace mantel, usually involving the traditional color of red.  This year however, I chose to go all natural and very simple.

I started with some beautiful faux greens that I found at a yard sale some years back.  Then I added this lovely bronze moose that I purchased at the flea market last spring.  I use the moose when staging photos of my maps for my Etsy shop, and he makes a lovely centerpiece for a Christmas vignette.

moo1 (2)

I didn’t add any Christmas lights since the Christmas tree is sitting right beside the mantel.  But I did add three candlesticks that I made out of a birch log.

moo2 (1)

I hung my Grandmother’s antique mirror over the mantel as a centerpiece and to reflect the lights from the tree and the candles.

moo3 (1)

  I wanted to make a few more sets of birch candlesticks, but so far, I haven’t had time to do that.  I thought nine of them, when all lit would be stunning, but it remains to be seen if I get that far.  Either way, in the evenings, when the tree and candles are lit, it provides a lovely Christmas atmosphere for lounging on the sofa.

moo4 (1)

It’s as easy as that.  I love simple decorating!

moo6 (1)

And the best part is, that because it is more wintry than Christmasy, I will leave it there as long as the snow falls.

moo7 (1)

moo8 (1)


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