a bowl of christmas baubles

In the corner of my dining room where my wine rack sets, this year I have decorated with a bowl of vintage ornaments in some rather unusual Christmas colors.

This is one of my fall serving bowls, but I decided to use it because it was deep and would hold a lot of ornaments.  I already had some orbs in it made of natural textures and simply added in a few vintage ornaments for a somewhat different look.

Although nontraditional Christmas colors, I like the mixture of the natural orbs and the ornaments that glitz it up a little.

The only new ornament in this bowl is the silver star, the rest are all vintage and were collected over the years at flea markets.

ba10 (1)

Next, I added a few wine glasses, each with their own bauble . . .

and set around a few miscellaneous ornaments to give the appearance they had escaped from the bowl.

A happy accident is how well the colors coordinate with the foil coverings on my inexpensive wine collection.

Christmas decorating can be simple when you incorporate things you have at hand.


4 thoughts on “a bowl of christmas baubles

  1. The display looks great and very Christmas-ready, Cindy. You have a head start on me in the decorating department, although I did drag my husband out to pick out a tree late this afternoon.

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    1. Thank you Kris. I don’t usually decorate before Thanksgiving and sometimes don’t get in the mood at all. But this year, I’ve been watching those silly, predictable Hallmark Christmas movies since the beginning of November, and that did the trick. They even put me in the mood to bake, but I’ve been able to resist that urge, since I would be the only one eating all those cookies. Have a lovely weekend!


    1. Thank you Ali!!! Just behind my love for gardening, is my love for interior decorating. Sometimes I use the bright Christmas colors, but lately I’ve been using more natural items, finding I can leave them up through the rest of the winter. They give my home that winter vibe that makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket and watch the snowflakes fall. If only I didn’t have to go out to work or clean the driveway, I think I could love winter.
      Have a wonderful weekend!


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