peppermint corner

The last few years, I’ve been decorating my house for Christmas primarily in faux greens and pine cones.  I have veered away from decorating with the traditional bright red other than my peppermint collection from years ago.  I don’t really like the taste of peppermints, but I do love to decorate with them.

To me, peppermints are cheerful and brighten up this end table in a dark corner of my living room.

pc11 (2)

pc10 (1)

These bright red mugs that I found at a yard sale years ago are perfect for holding peppermints sticks in all shapes and sizes.

pc1 (1)

pc2 (1)

Peppermints are a very inexpensive way to decorate.  I bought several bags of them in red and green from the Dollar Store for this project.  These orbs were created by hot gluing them to a Styrofoam ball.

pc4 (1)

Gluing them around the base of a candle is an easy project and perfect hostess gift.

pc5 (1)

pc6 (1)

You can cover Styrofoam cones to create trees, and once I even made a wreath out of them.  But you can also just throw them in a pretty container and set them out for eating.

pc7 (1)

They mix nicely with red and green ornaments.   This sweet Santa is an authentic vintage Old World ornament that I found at a flea market.  He lives with the peppermints and is pretty special.

pc3 (1)

Peppermints make great projects for kids, and the nice thing is, if stored properly, peppermints can be kept for years.  This collection is at least five years old.  Store in a tight container, but do not put them in the attic where they will melt into a hot mess.

pc12 (1)


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