my office christmas tree

Every year I bring this small wire tree to the office to add a little Christmas cheer and atmosphere to my work area.  I’ve had it around 20 years or so, and it’s about 18-24 inches tall.  Over the years, I have collected small, old world Christmas ornaments that represent the Christmas season and interests I have.

ot2 (1)

It’s a cheerful little tree that glistens and shimmers with sweet shiny ornaments, and jingles like bells when moved or shaken.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.

Candy is a favorite at any time of year, not just Christmas.

ot3 (1)

ot4 (1)

Sweet little gingerbread houses . . .

ot5 (1)

I took these photos early in the morning before anyone else arrived at the office, with only the lights of our large Christmas tree in the background for lighting.  Despite the low lighting, they came out very colorful and yet somewhat moody.  The tiny twinkle lights came out as bright balls of color in the background

ot6 (1)

ot8 (1)

This little basket of flowers  represents my love of gardening.

ot1 (1) (1)

And this might be the most unusual ornament for a Christmas tree, but it represents my love of college football,  most especially, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

ot9 (1)

It’s a happy little tree that is a riot of color and source of entertainment to all that walk by.  It’s not only a collection of ornaments, but a collection of memories that bring much joy.

ot10 (1)

ot7 (1)


5 thoughts on “my office christmas tree

  1. The dim light, the traditional ornaments and the modern orbs of colour make a very atmospheric sequence as you say. Initially I liked the rocking horse one best, as those elements work together really well, but they all repay the viewer’s attention.

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  2. What beautiful photos! These are my favourite types of decoration, with the brightest, shiniest colours and lots of reflections. I love the balls of light in the background. Wonderful. I would love to sit and gaze upon your tree.

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    1. Thank you Ali! Experimenting with my new macro lens. I still am amazed at how the tiny twinkle lights came out so large.
      I’m the first one at work in the morning at 5:30am. I never turn the lights on since there are a few overnight lights on and my computer supplies all the light I need. It is a nice quiet atmosphere and the two trees make it a sweet quiet time before everyone else arrives and the lights go on.


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