this week’s bouquet

I swear, nothing gets more simple than this week’s bouquet.  It required no time, no thought, and no effort.  And that’s really quite a good thing, because that is all I had the energy for.


  I found this gathering of leaves while walking the dog this afternoon, and they were stunning against the green, wet grass.  It’s been a couple dreary, wet days, which I usually don’t mind since the rain is so good for the garden.  But, my level of energy the last few days has been low and dreary like the weather.  The brilliance of the leaves were such a bright spot and like a ray of sunshine that encouraged me on through what seems like a never-ending list of things to do.


The leaves will curl up in a day or two, lose their brilliance, and turn crispy.  But for a sweet moment in time, their simplicity is refreshment for a weary soul.  Sometimes, it’s takes being exhausted to get us to slow down long enough to notice the extravagance of simply things.


Happy Hump Day!


9 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. Ours are not changing yet either. These are just a few I fond on the ground. But the change isn’t too far away I’m sure. The very warm fall has pushed it back, which means I’ll still be raking leaves in December again.


  2. I was preparing to exclaim about your fall color when I noticed your response to Barbara above. However, even finding the first stray autumn leaves is remarkable in my view – we’re lucky if we see any of those by January!


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