springfield finds

This was my first find at Springfield, or maybe I should say my first purchase.  It’s not difficult to find things there you love, but need and price usually factor into whether it becomes a purchase or not.


Now I can’t say I needed this item and looking back, it was more than I should have paid.  But this lady’s husband made this tray from old wood, and how can you put a price on that lovely vintage patina?  Having made things myself for shows, and knowing how much work goes into an item, I need to show respect for the man’s workmanship and time.  There . . . I think I justified the purchase.


I have a “thing” for trays.  Can’t say why or where it originated.  I just love them in almost any form.  They are great for corralling things to create a  seasonal vignette.


I purchased a few bittersweet branches because nothing adds a fall touch to a room or arrangement like bittersweet does.


You can find any kind of pumpkin for the best and most reasonable prices at Springfield.  There is a wonderful and friendly family run business that come every year, so I usually reserve all my pumpkin buying for this trip.


One of my other purchases were lots of old books for only $3 each.  Old books can be pricey and these were such a steal, I purchased 14 of them.  I picked books with different colored bindings so I could use them when staging photos for my Etsy maps.  And the fun part is, I can use them in my own decor too.  Their worn colors add such a nice look of age wherever you use them.


Well, it’s the first day of fall, and for the first time, it actually feels like fall.  So . . . to take advantage of this cool weather, I’m out to the garden, where for the first time in months, I can work without sweating.  Happy weekend everyone!




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