remembering old and new pets

I was weeding in the garden the other day around this chicken statue that is covered with catmint, and I couldn’t help but think back on days, not that long ago, when I had chickens that roamed in this garden.




They were each unique, ornery, and so entertaining.


But underneath this pile of rocks that the statue sits on, is buried my dearly beloved cat, Charlie, who died last fall.  It seemed appropriate to bury him in the garden among the catmint.


Which brings me to introducing my new cat, Gabby.

I first met Gabby at Petco while buying dog food for Moby.  She was in a cage and up for adoption.  She was 7 years old, and her name was Giselle.  She had been at the pet store for four months and at a cat shelter four months prior to that.  I found myself immediately drawn to her because she looked so much like Charlie and she pulled at my heart strings.  I went home to think it over.

I decided not to adopt her for various reasons, all of which made practical sense.  But four weeks later, I woke up one morning and a little voice said, “Go get that cat.”  So, after work, I went back to Petco and she was still there.  I passed their inspection for adoption, and two days later, Giselle came home with me.  I knew the name Giselle wasn’t going to work, mostly because it reminded me too much of the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.  I went through a couple names for her, but finally decided on Gabby since she seemed to be a talkative cat.

When I took her home, she was shy, nervous, and afraid of the dog.  She spent the first few weeks hiding under the bed, and only making rare appearances.  Just when I thought she’d never come out of hiding, she decided Moby and I were okay, and joined into our daily routine.  Every day she seems more comfortable and at home with us.

Today was the first time she’s come out in the garden with Moby and me, and she quickly discovered the catmint patch surrounding the chicken statue.  So here she is.  Meet Gabby . . . our newest pet and family member.


  Sometimes I forget and call her Charlie.


6 thoughts on “remembering old and new pets

    1. Of the two, I must agree that I like dogs better too, but cats are really very easy to care for and she has been a sweet addition to our household. I’m looking forward to Gabby spending more time in the garden with Moby and me. The chickens were always by my side waiting for me to overturn a bug for them. When I had them, I didn’t have any bugs in my back yard, but they also dug up a lot of grass and flowers.


  1. I like cats very much, and have had a few, but we made a decision not to have any more because we go away quite a bit. Our last cat was a black cat called Hamlet. He had a great personality and we still tell stories about some of the things he did. Your new cat is very sweet, and obviously, after waiting months, you were meant to have her.

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  2. I was determined not to have any more cats to cut down on expenses and even got rid of everything I had. But, she kept calling to me as I imagined how sad it must be for her to be locked in a cage for 8 months. Sometimes now, when she sits with me, she just stares at me in the sweetest way. I always feel like she is saying “thank you”.


    1. No doubt that she’s very appreciative! She has a wonderful, loving home now.♥️ Gabby is beautiful, Cindy. As always, you post beautiful pictures and lovely thoughts!

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