Fall Extravaganza

It’s one of my two favorite times of the year . . . time for the Springfield Extravaganza Flea, in Springfield, Ohio, where you can literally shop til you drop.  My daughter and I arrived at 7:15a and felt very blessed that is was quite foggy out there in the country, and the haze didn’t burn off until 11:00a.  After the sun came out, it was beastly hot and humid, and we only lasted until 12:30p.  I came home feeling like I’d spent a very hot day at the beach without the benefit of having the ocean to dip in to cool off.

This show goes on for three days, and it can take all three days to see the 2000 vendors that come with all  their pretties and junk.  I often go back on the second day, but this morning there is no fog or haze, and I cannot face that heat again.

I took a few pictures at the start, but was distracted by all the lovely things to see, so this is a rather short post, with a very limited sampling of everything there.


This is one of my favorite vendors, TWIG, who comes from Pennsylvania and always impresses with her beautiful displays.


I loved these cement garden spheres, but they were much to pricey for my pocketbook.


One of the fun parts of the fall show is all the displays of pumpkins, mums, and everything geared to fall colors. With all this summer-like heat, it certainly helps put you in the fall mood.



So sorry, there is only one last photo.  This lovely display caught my eye, as I am very partial to anything in green, white, and wood.


I came home with mostly pumpkins and fall foliage to do some decorating for the season, which will make it look like fall even if it doesn’t yet feel like it.

Happy weekend to all!




4 thoughts on “Fall Extravaganza

  1. I have to say as some one with an allergy to shopping that sounds like my idea of hell, although the pictures you took do show some wonderful items. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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