i did it!

Ever since I started my part time Etsy business, Custom Comforts, where I turn state road maps into wall decor, I have been trying to get all 50 states made and listed online at the same time.  It’s been my goal from the start to have each state represented.

Somewhere along the line, I gave up on that goal and attempted the unrealistic goal of having three of each state.  I know that sounds stupid, since I couldn’t even get one of each state listed.  But, my thinking was to have different sizes and price ranges so that there would be something affordable for everyone.

Well, I’m way behind in my map making for this year since I’ve been spending so much time in the garden.  There was a urgent need to get hustling to increase the inventory with Christmas around the corner, so I went back to one of each state, striving to make one map every day when I get home from work and more on weekends.  And . . . I finally did it!

  I’ll start with some of the states I don’t like to make because they are curvy and difficult . . . like Louisiana.


The curves of the Mississippi River are a killer . . . time killer that is.


But the difficult, time consuming states are always the most beautiful ones . . . like Alaska.



Or Michigan.


One state I hardly ever make is Delaware because it is difficult to find a map with just Delaware on it.  Since it is such a small state, it is always included with Maryland, and Virginia and never big enough to make or hang.

The other state I rarely offer is Maryland, a place I love and lived for 16 years.  It has this very thin section of land connecting western and eastern Maryland, which when I cut, is very fragile and easily broken.  I’ve always been afraid if it didn’t break while cutting it out of wood, it would break in mailing.  But, I recently gave it a go, and made a very small one in my attempt to have all the states accounted for.


The most popular states that sell are California . . .


Texas . . .


and Maine.


But for me, HOME is spelled O.H.I.O.



The next goal is to have two of every state and then on to three.  With nearly daily sales, and Christmas coming, it might take me another year to hit that goal, but it gives me something to aim for and is a challenge that keeps me motivated.

All the states and other state related items can be viewed at Custom Comforts


8 thoughts on “i did it!

    1. I’ve never been to Maine, but have found the same thing. I was never totally aware of some of the states shapes until I started making these maps. There are some lovely shaped ones and some very awkward.


  1. Wow, I didn’t know you did this! It’s a great idea and a very effective decoration. It must take ages to do one of those, especially the complicated ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The complicated ones do take a very long time and I find I’m always putting off making them. But they truly are the prettiest ones when finished.
      I hope to retire in 2 years and do this full time to help suppliment my retirement years. I am so very much looking forward to doing something I really enjoy and gardening, instead of going to a job that I don’t enjoy.


    1. Thanks Ali. They really are the perfect gift for people who love their state or country. They cover every gift situation from birthdays to weddings to holidays, and are a especially good gift for men. I have learned so much about my country since I started doing this and it makes me want to see more of it and all it’s beauty. I’ve had a few custom orders for other countries, and they are even harder. At least all the states have some straight lines which helps get the map pasted correctly on the wood.


  2. Hi Cindy – just found you again – hope you remember me?

    I still have that beautiful short vanity I bought from you years ago in my guest room.

    Liked by 1 person

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