this week’s bouquet

Making a fresh arrangement doesn’t have to be difficult.  This bouquet was made a few weeks ago with simply taking cuttings from my Oakleaf Hydrangea bush.  Nothing fancy, nothing extra . . . just using what you have at hand.


I made this arrangement specifically for my bedroom, since the colors in my room are beige, pale pink, and pale olive green.


The Oakleaf flowers had already turned from white to pink and green, so they were the perfect flower for this arrangement on my dresser.



Something I never noticed before is that when the flowers turn pink and green, the blossom turns downward, so you are looking at the underside of the flower.


I love how they mellow into the sweetest shades of pink and green . . .


. . . softening the look of everything in the room.



Happy Monday and happy week to all.

Linking with Rambling in the Garden for “In a Vase on Monday”.




11 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. A good reminder that often a simple arrangement of a single kind of flower is most pleasing. The hydrangeas work very well in your bedroom!


    1. There are so many pretty hydrangeas out now. I only wish they did better in my gardens so I could have more, but it gets very hot here in the summer. My Oakleaf is very large and seems to be the only variety I’ve tried that thrives for me.


  2. Having an arrangement that lasts for weeks is wonderful in itself and, when it’s this pretty, it’s better still. I tried and failed to grow oakleaf hydrangea in my former garden and its water requirements probably put it out of the question here, which is a pity.


  3. That’s a terrific vase to put the hydrangea in: they set each other off perfectly. I have an oak leaf in my garden and each summer it fries- just too hot here and I don’t have enough shade yet.

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