a good scrub down

Have you ever started one job, only to end up doing another?  The ivy along the walkway to my front door was overextending itself and needed trimmed back.  That’s where I started . . . but I ended up washing the whole front porch.


It’s amazing how dirty everything gets outside.  I never think of giving this area a wipe down, but I’m sure glad I did.  It almost looks like it’s been newly painted . . . “almost” is the key word here.  But seriously, it looks so much fresher to have the algae, cob webs, bug droppings, and splattered dirt gone.


Everything on this porch got scrubbed with hot soapy bleach water, including Scarlett and Rhett.  I’ve had these two for at least 30 years, and Rhett came from Charleston, South Carolina when I was visiting with my dear friend, Mary.

They didn’t come totally clean, since a couple years ago I spilled a bucket of white paint out here and got a little on them too.  Rhett took a direct hit right between his eyes.


This year I planted up my black urns with caladiums and pink begonias.  This is the south side of my house, but the large maple tree provides lots of shade.


I don’t think there is a foliage plant that has more beautiful leaves than a caladium.  And they come in so many varieties now that it is always hard to pick just one.



Even the black bench got a scrub down, but it really needs a fresh coat of paint.  Now that the area is cleaned up, I probably should give it all a fresh coat of paint before winter.  But since it just rained for three days, I can be persuaded to let the wood dry out  awhile before doing that job.


This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I hope you’re enjoying these last few weeks of summer.




2 thoughts on “a good scrub down

  1. Thank you Jane. My front porch was a custom built add-on which makes it different from all the other houses like it in the neighborhood. I’m a firm believer that curb appeal is as important as the inside of your house for it’s the only welcome that most people ever get. Happy Monday to you!


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