this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet comes from the large patches of perennial ageratum that have happily spread themselves around both the front and back  gardens.


I don’t really ever remember planting them, and they have never done very well, but this year, they are everywhere.  A bit of a thug, but because they provide such abundant blooms and color in late August, they are most welcome here.


I decided to make this an all purple vase since the ageratum marry nicely with the purple salvia.  They almost look like mini lilac blooms from a distance.


Ageratum are fuzzy flowers, kind of like a fuzzy worn stuffed animal, that you want to reach out and stroke.


I’m not sure how well they will work as a cut flower since I’ve never used them before in a bouquet.  The salvia don’t last but a few days, so this will most likely be a vase I’ll have to refill soon.


But, enjoy their soft beauty I will . . . while they last.



I hope they have brightened your day in a fuzzy loving kind of way.


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20 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

      1. Your quite welcome. And Aww thanks, I’m trying to get my comments section fixed but I will certainly post more about eating home.

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  1. The purple and green is indeed a great look. Everything you said about ageratum rings true. I had it for years but eventually it died out. There are worse thugs in my garden, so I sort of miss the soft beauty of it.

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    1. It has never been a thug before this year. While I could barely keep it alive in the past, it is everywhere now. I like it, but will keep an eye on it so it doesn’t invade any further. It is a sweet flower that brings some much needed color to the garden this time of year.


  2. I love your perennial ageratum. I grow 2 varieties, Ageratum houstonianum and A. corymbosum. The latter is an evergreen shrub but I haven’t been able to get its flowers to hold up in a vase and the annual variety isn’t impressive in that regard either. Yours looks wonderful with the salvia.

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    1. Thank you Kris. I have no idea what variety this is as I don’t remember ever planting it. It wilted down quickly when I cut it, but has bounced back and is still holding up well since Sunday. I think I’ll have to use it more often since I have so much of it this year.


  3. The lilac flowers combined with the lime coloured jug gives a great lively composition Cindy. In the heat of summer here in Italy I find most of my vases don’t last much longer than a couple of days.

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  4. Oh that’s a most pretty combination of flowers Cindy however long they last. My parents usually grew ageratum in their garden. I must try it some time as the flowers are most attractive. I love your spotty dotty vase 🙂

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