my backyard

I thought I’d give you an overall of my backyard.  This is a view from my deck.


I’m one of a few houses on our street where we all have deep front yards and deep back yards.  Because it is a neighborhood built during World War II, the trees are very established and stately.


I put in these picket fences at least 25 years ago in order to separate the herb and vegetable gardens from the lawn.  I probably have replaced them at least once since then.  These are “Knock Out’ roses that aren’t particularly doing very well this summer.


On the other side of the archway are two plastic chairs for resting and enjoying the bird song.


Beside the chairs is my shade garden with mammoth honeysuckle trees and a dying crab apple tree and where the ‘Royal Standard’ hostas thrive.


Behind the fence . . .


On the right side are the raised beds with gravel walkways.


This year I very much limited my vegetable gardening to a couple cucumber and zucchini plants, and a bed of tomatoes.  Next year, it will be even less with more focus on cut flowers, which have been a continual source of delight to me, the butterflies, and the bees.

The annual salvia have done particularly well with very little attention from me.  All of this from just one market pack.



The snaps have grown well, but I have more greenery than flowers.


But the zinnias have been absolutely and ecstatically happy back here.


To the left of the raised beds is the shed/garden house and the herb gardens.  I don’t actually grow many herbs anymore.  It has become primarily a few perennials, a rose bush and comfrey.

The bee balm and lamb’s ears grow happily here together in front of the shed.


Cat mint grows in front of what used to be a greenhouse.  I put a solid roof on it because it kept leaking and I wanted to over winter my chickens in there.  So it is more like a semi greenhouse now, getting decent light, but not enough to function fully as a greenhouse.



And another shady spot to take a break and reflect on how much I love gardening and being outside with all of God’s magnificent creations.


Finally Friday – wishing everyone a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “my backyard

  1. This is all so beautiful, Cindy! It makes me feel like can walk around your garden with you. Your picket fence and arch and your raised beds are all stunning. Somehow the light is different or something is different, and I feel the excitement of being in a completely different part of the world.

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  2. How very kind Ali. To be honest, my goal for my gardens has always been to look like an English garden. I was born on the wrong side of the pond and my heart has always been in England. That being said, my gardens most likely have an American twist based on the influence around me.
    I took these photos in very early morning before the blazing heat began. I would love for you to walk with me in my gardens and I would love to walk in yours. Maybe someday. You should know that also since finding your blog, you have greatly spurred my influenced me and my sister, and I have learned so much from you. I look forward every morning to your posts, and love seeing your roses that I wish would grow here like that.


  3. The view into your garden from the deck is just lovely, Cindy, and the picket fence sets it off perfectly. Your flowers are all doing so well and I do envy you your tall shady trees. They convey a sense of peace and calm.

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  4. Thank you Jane. We’ve had a very hot summer, but also an unusual amount of rain to keep everything green and looking good. Not really normal for here, but surely beats a drought. It is a peaceful place in the middle of a city and the trees and shrubs give me lots of privacy from the surrounding neighbors.


  5. Cindy, I am so, so glad you began blogging this year, sharing all this beauty with us. Your photos portray a calming sense of peace. I can clearly see and feel the love you have poured into your garden for many years. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

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