hosta ‘ royal standard’

Hosta ‘Royal Standard’ is truly the king of my hosta collection.  There is nothing too special about its plain green leaves, but “wow”, does it put on a show in August, when not much else is blooming in the shade garden.


I probably have at least ten different varieties of hostas, if not more, but this one is my favorite.  This is one of those times when the expression, “wait for it” truly applies.  August is a long wait, but Royal Standard doesn’t disappoint.


Also, a favorite with deer, I keep it sprayed with a whiffy deer repellent, or they feast on the blooms just before they open.  Despite being sprayed, it still has the most fragrant sweet-smelling flowers, which is a royal treat among hostas.  One could get lost in the lily-like fragrance of its pure white flowers that stand on 30 – 40″ stems.


I bought 3 plants of this hosta 10 – 15 years ago as a birthday present for myself.  And every August, they give back the best birthday present of blooming to their heart’s delight.  They quickly turn into very good size plants that need dividing every few years . . .  but that is no hardship for what they give in return.


They would make a statement and beautiful row of single specimen planting for someplace like a driveway.   I have quickly been able to multiply my plants by division, and fill a good amount of my shade garden with them.


A hosta definitely worth having!



6 thoughts on “hosta ‘ royal standard’

  1. That’s certainly a plant I’d like to have in my garden, but it wouldn’t survive for very long here as the garden is too sunny,dry and hot. I admire yours though and can see why they’d give so much pleasure.

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    1. They do like cool and wet, and suffer when we have extended periods of hot weather. It’s been very hot this summer, but we’ve had more rain than usual, so they are looking very well for this time of year.

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  2. Love Hostas and I plan on planting a few in tubs in an attempt to save them from the snails and slugs which love my garden so much.


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