lilac row garden

While deleting photos, I came across these pics of what I call “Lilac Row”.  It’s a small sliver of garden between the raised vegetable beds and the row of lilac bushes I planted three summers ago along the fence line to create a privacy barrier.


These pics are from when the garden was at its peak back in early July.  The pink Yarrow Achillea ‘Little Susie’ and orange wild day lilies are all gone over, but these pictures reminded me of how pretty it was just a month ago.

The pink yarrow is always so pretty when at its peak and standing tall.  All too quickly, especially in this heat, the color fades and it gets all floppy.


Yarrow looks especially nice with Heuchera ‘Beaujolais’ with its petite flowers and deep burgundy foliage.


As I said earlier, all these flowers have gone over, but what is still blooming nicely since that time is Salvia ‘Purple Rain’.


It is happily blooming its heart out making the bees very happy.


Not much is currently blooming in this garden at this time.  I planted it in all pastel pinks and purples, that were timed to mostly bloom and compliment the lilacs behind it.  I’ll have to work on finding some August/September blooming flowers for this area to keep it looking nice all summer long . . . maybe some purple asters would be nice.

The zinnias are reaching over the gravel walkway as lilac row reaches to them.  As you can see, it is somewhat bedraggled right now.  Nothing that a trip to a garden center wouldn’t remedy.


But a few beauties still dot the garden with color.  A cabbage white butterfly drinking nectar from Verbena bonariensis.


And a few floppy cosmos trying to hold down the fort.  But I’d say they are pretty much laying down on the job.



Happy Sunday!



4 thoughts on “lilac row garden

  1. It’s a lovely garden bed, Cindy! Yarrow clearly loves your garden more than mine. The only variety that seems happy here is yellow ‘Moonshine’ – Achillea millefolium struggles. I hope you’re enjoyed a great week.

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    1. Thank you Kris. I used to have yellow yarrow years ago, and then I removed the yellows, reds, and oranges from all my gardens. The few I do have are persistent ones that keep coming back even though I’ve tried to shoo them away, I’m a little more open to those colors now, but I still prefer my garden beds in pinks, purples, whites, and blues.


  2. Salvia is always such a stayer and wonderful for the bees. I think you garden looks great even in lateish summer. I like a garden that’s not too prim and proper. I planted yarrow late last autumn and I’m really interested to see it come into flower. I tend to be a pink and purple gardener too!

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