I have two varieties of lilies blooming right now, while the other varieties have bloomed and have already gone over.  This is one of several white varieties I have and I wish I knew it’s name, but they were planted years ago and I no longer have those records.



I’m not a huge fan of lilies.  But I do like them in a mixed border, where other flowers can hide their long legs and hold them up without staking.  They are conveniently very easy to care for and practically maintenance free, which is always a plus.

This is ‘Stargazer’, the other lily currently in full bloom and a very striking lily that packs a punch of color.  She is a beauty and adds life to a mid summer garden just when color is waning.


She is a statement maker and proudly “struts her stuff”.


And her insides are beautiful and exotic too.


Imagine being a bug and viewing this vibrant color at close range.  Not to mention the obstacle course.


But the best part about lilies is their fragrance.  It is like no other in the garden and quite intoxicating.  It was joy to hang out with the lilies today and soak up their fragrance . . .  especially since the dog was “skunked” this morning, and that is a smell I’m still trying to get out of my nostrils and off my hands.






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