this week’s bouquet

Sweet and simple is this week’s bouquet.


I wanted to use some of the snapdragons I grew from seed that are just starting to bloom.  There were no large stalks, so the arrangement ended up very small, no taller than 8 inches.


Small enough to sit on the window ledge and gaze longingly outside, while enjoying the cool air conditioning inside.


When I purchased seeds, I ordered four packs of the ‘Chantilly’ snaps and only in white and pink.  The market pack snaps purchased at the garden center are much brighter and stronger colors, but I prefer the soft shades of pink.  I think they are dreamy . . .


sweet . . .


and simple.


Just what I need to brighten my desk at the office for the beginning of a new work week.  A reminder to me to keep life sweet and simple.



3 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. So many of the flowers in your bouquets look really different in a vase compared to when I see them in a garden. Somehow they look so much more delicate in a vase.

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    1. I honestly think Penny, that often the bouquets are prettier in the photos than in real life. Blurry backgrounds always make a photo look softer and more delicate, and maybe it’s just that we’re seeing them more close up. The camera captures things the eye often misses. I’m looking forward to going back through these posts in the winter when there are no flowers from the garden.

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