Grew these little lady zinnias from seed.  I’m not one to have the patience required for growing plants from seeds . . . too much like babysitting.  But, I love these girls and I’m pretty sure I’ll designate a whole raised bed to them next year.

Love this yellow one!  I’m not into yellow flowers, but she sure is a soft pastel beauty.  The cilantro planted next to her is casting delicate shaded shadows on her petals.


Pink is my favorite color for flowers and any shade pleases me immensely.  I’m not fussy when it comes to pink.



I was just snapping away taking photos, when into my frame flew this lovely Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.  I didn’t even know she was there until I saw her through the lens on the flower I was shooting.  She obviously prefers pink flowers too since she flitted away right afterwards.



Zinnias are pretty in any stage from bud to bloom.



There are some pretty pale peach zinnias in this group that are so soft and sweet.



And one bright burnt orange zinnia that was unsuccessfully hiding from the rain in the cilantro.  I had to dig her out to see her, but she still got drenched under there.


Some of the “young buds” look a little droopy and possibly drunk from too much to drink.  They are obviously underage.


I wish there were some white ones, but I’ll probably have to order a pack of “just white” seeds next winter since they most likely don’t include them in the mixed seed packets.  Regardless . . . they are cheerful happy flowers, and fun colors that make any room smile.  I’ll have to take a bouquet of them to work with me on Monday to brighten up my desk and work space.






3 thoughts on “zinnias

  1. Never heard of them. i love growing from seed and have just started six trays of flowers in my greenhouse and have some more to sow later.

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    1. I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them. I remember them from my childhood. My grandfather grew everything, but he was from Europe and grew everything in rows. I don’t remember him having flower beds, just a garden full of vegetables and rows and rows of flowers. He grew zinnias.
      I think I might enjoy growing things from seeds if my greenhouse was still a real greenhouse and heated. I had to put a real roof on it because the plastic roof kept cracking, and although that wouldn’t matter for growing plants, I moved my chickens into the greenhouse every winter so they could have more room and light. So, a solid roof was necessary. February and March are still very cold here, so starting seeds that early is not really a possibility without the heat.

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  2. They’re all gorgeous, Cindy, and your butterfly is stunning! I am really enjoying my zinnias too this year. They are so much fun to look at and photograph.

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